Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New B&M Wing Coaster for Heide Park in 2014?

It looks like it!  The German theme park, already home to Colossus (an Intamin pre-fab wooden coaster) and Krake (a B&M dive coaster) appears to be building a new B&M Wing Coaster for next season.

In fact, it would appear as though the forest green supports that were seen at the B&M plant (posted about here) are being shipped to the park.  Those supports, along with some white track, have been spotted at Heide park already.  The ride is not yet announced, but seems a pretty solid bet - even RCDB has listed it already!

Heide Park has been busy at work for the whole Spring on the new coaster project, clearing space and starting to pour footers.  It looks like quite a bit of them are already finished, so this will be a fun project to track during the Summer and into the fall.  Rumors, and they're just that for now, are saying that this could be a larger ride than Raptor, which opened at sister park Gardaland in 2011.

For several construction updates on Heide Park's new coaster, check out Heide Park World.