Thursday, June 20, 2013

Scott And Carol Present: igNight At Six Flags Great America!

Six Flags Great America premiered the biggest show in park history on 6/14/2013. igNIGHT-Grand Finale previewed during the Coasters After Dark event for season passholders.  Here the warm-up act, The Offbeats, were anything but as over 2,000 guests gathered in Hometown Square.

Sylvester and other Looney Tunes characters populated the float to start the festivities.

The 3-D projection screen is 60 feet tall and 75 feet wide. Six high definition projectors display the "scenery," which features varying years in Chicago history. Here is the nightclub set but one of the best special effects is the fire. A great deal of programming was required to operate the projectors.

Of course the hero and heroine are reincarnated in the present to be reunited in current day, with a little help from the audience. Over 30 live performers appear both vertically on the screen and on the stage extension that approaches the crowd.

Some of the 120 fireworks that send everyone home from Six Flags Great America with lots of bangs, and a few oohs and ahs. There is also fog, lasers, and over 100 lighting fixtures that are a part of the show.

Here is a short clip provided by the park.  Many thanks to Brandon and Katy for their help in getting these images of igNIGHT--Grand Finale, only at Six Flags Great America this summer.