Tuesday, June 18, 2013

WhiteWater to Debut New Aquasphere Slide

WhiteWater has announced that a new slide complex will be built in Australia's Frankston Regional Aquatic Center, and it will feature their new AquaSphere design.  The tower will also have one of their popular Constrictor slides as well.

The new AquaSphere slide appears to have several large soccer balls positioned after different segments of the slide, where riders will drop down and slide on the side of the sphere.

According to WhiteWater's website, the sphere elements can have light and sound shows installed in them, adding to the thrill, along with translucent slide sections.  Inside the 16 foot spheres, rafts will "bank around 90 degree corners and experience extreme oscillations that seem to last forever."

The slide is visually impressive, and I'm sure parks around the world have already taken notice of this new product.  I'll be excited to see if these start to pop up at parks in our neck of the woods!