Sunday, June 2, 2013

From The Vault: Adventureland 1999 Brochure + Map

Let's take a look at the 1999 brochure and map for Iowa's Adventureland amusement park, shall we?

The amusement park saw steady expansion during the 1990s with rides and attractions like the Giant Sky Wheel, the wooden coaster The Outlaw inside a new themed area, and flat rides like the Mixer and G-Force.

1999 saw the addition of another towering thrill ride, the Space Shot.

I admit I cheated and moved these two sections side by side, but obviously if you follow the panels left to right they are made to sit atop one another.  Launching riders up "like a rocket" the Space Shot stands over 200 feet tall, according to the park.  Popular additions during the era, the S&S ride blasted the carriage up in two sections and provided a g-force of 4.5.  Plus there's that nice pop of air time at the top!

The park went pretty simple with showing off their other attractions in the brochure.  You can see the Mixer in the top photo, a flat ride that had a couple years of popularity at many parks, then they slowly started to disappear.  The park also featured the Royal Hanneford Circus in 1999, which was a huge hit with park guests.

You also can't forget the park's other coasters, such as the Dragon - a Hopkins looping ride - and the Tornado, a classic wooden ride designed by William Cobb, both pictured here.

The park's map included some information on "The Daily Adventure," a fun newspaper style handout.  Here you can read more about the new Space Shot and the return of the Royal Hanneford Circus.  The park also boasts both an Inn and Campground, which make it easy to spend a couple days at the park on a short vacation.

Here is the park map that was sent out in 1999.  You can click for a larger version where you can take a look around the property.  If you notice a similarity in the park's entrance area to that of Disneyland, well, yes that's certainly spot on!  I haven't been to the park - which in recent years has added quite a big water park - but hope I can get there some day.