Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Moved Road Could Lead to Expanded Hersheypark

There have been plans to move Park Boulevard, a road that runs adjacent to one side of Hersheypark, for several years now.  The park has submitted plans again that would see the road moved significantly, cutting through a part of the former golf course they own, and freeing up quite a bit of space.

That new space could easily become a new part of Hersheypark, or used for other developments - the park hasn't said exactly which as far as I know.  The map above shows a red line approximately where the new road would be, I created it off of the map in this article.

The space that would then be open and adjacent to Hersheypark and Chocolate World totals 31 acres.  That's a very nice sized area - the first thought that comes to mind is wouldn't it have been perfect to build a water park there?  I suppose that time has passed, but that's a lot of room to play with and the possibilities are endless.

Due to the location of the land, the park could build an entirely new entrance area, which could then feed into the new area and use the old entrance section as a feed to older parts of the park.  Skyrush could actually be in the middle of a part of the park, instead of on the outer edge.

The current plan calls for work to start at the end of '14, and be finished by the end of '15.  So we're talking several years out with the plan, but it is exciting to think of what all that land could be used for!