Sunday, June 9, 2013

From The Vault: Camelbeach 2004 Brochure

When I was looking over the 2012 attendance figures we linked to last week I will say I was a bit surprised to see that Pennsylvania's Camelbeach is now ranked as the 20th most visited water park in the country.

The park isn't too far from me, and it's amazing to see how much it has grown in the past decade or so.  This brochure is from 2004, and there have been several additions since then, too.

Camelbeach water park is located at Camelback Ski Resort, and makes the property function year round - obviously there isn't too much skiing going on during the warm months.  Camelbeach came along in 1998, and has seen steady expansion ever since.  In 2004 the cover of the brochure declares that they had more water slides than any park in Pennsylvania, but I'd hate to try to go back in time to prove that true or not.

2004 saw the addition of the Checkered Flag Challenge, a mat racing slide - a style of attraction that is quite popular at water parks across the globe.  The Checkered Flag Challenge has eight lanes, which means that it can accommodate plenty of racers per hour.

Since the water park is relatively new, it has a pretty big selection of modern water slides.  Titan is a fan favorite, billed as "the world's largest natural-terrain family tube slide," its course heads down the side of a giant hill.  The total elevation change from top of bottom is almost eight stories.

The park also has a set of quick speed slides named Triple Venom, a pair of bowl slides named Votex and Spin Cycle, and many other staple attractions like a huge wave pool, lazy river, and water play area for kids.

And we will finish with a look at the brochure with this handy map that was included.  Being a ski resort there are plenty of hills around that many of the slides take full advantage of.  But there's also a flat area at the base of the hill with the pools and river as well.  You can check out more of what the park offers today by visiting their official website.