Sunday, June 16, 2013

From The Vault: Buffalo Bill's 1995 Brochure

Welcome to the Wild West!  Or maybe more accurately the border of California and Nevada.  The time is 1995, and we're going to check out a brochure from a property that mixed gaming, rides and attractions, and more.  That would be Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino, in Primm Nevada.

Buffalo Bill's opened in 1994, and while the hotel has been expanded and renovated over time the bigger attractions they offer are originals.  There are others that were added down the line, but the huge coaster they built was more than enough to get my attention back then.

As a casino and resort, gaming is a big part of why they opened their doors.  The whole place has a western theme, from the rooms to the casino floor.  It's actually pretty neatly themed inside, or at least it was when I visited in 1997.  It's been remodeled a bit since then, so I can't quite vouch for that these days.

All this about a casino in the middle of the desert, why care?  Here's why!  They opened the world's tallest roller coaster, the Desperado, and also built a big log flume that runs indoor and outdoors when they opened.  A world's tallest anything grabs attention, and while Desperado might not make many top ten lists, it's an interesting Arrow Dynamics ride to be certain.

I remember watching Desperado on that old video tape that featured roller coaster POVs, and then being thrilled when we vacationed in Vegas and I got to ride it!  The log flume featured a climb up a mountain, with subsequent drop, and then a winding path through the casino with props lining the flume - and you had a gun that allowed you to shoot at targets for points.

I visited in 1997 and they had just opened the Turbo Drop, and that was another pretty big deal.  I do not have a list of S&S installations by date, but wasn't that one of the first ones?  Also - a question for you readers, is the Turbo Drop still there?  It isn't listed on the resort's website, so I'm not sure.  Leave a comment or e-mail me if you know!

Oh and there were also simulators, a huge arcade, carnival games and a pool in the shape of a buffalo!

Of course, you could eat plenty while staying at the resort, at some of the restaurants listed above.  Not sure if any of these have stood the test of time, really.  There's also the Star of the Desert arena, home to some larger acts, which is still booking performers today.


RyanC said...

I was there June 1st.

Yes the Turbo Drop is still there. But, it was not operating and looked like it hasn't operated in a long time. Also the guns on the log flume have been removed.

NewsPlusNotes said...

Thanks for the information! Much appreciated.