Saturday, June 15, 2013

Steel Pier Planning Giant Ferris Wheel

© Steel Pier
Atlantic City's Steel Pier is planning to build a giant Ferris Wheel, and has received the proper approvals to do so.  Part of a $12 million plan, the wheel would sit on an expanded portion of the pier and overlook the beach and ocean - providing some amazing views from the top.

There's a lot of technicalities involved, but the park has said that the wheel could be the Nation's largest if it opens before one in Las Vegas, which will be considerably larger when complete.  Standing 200 feet tall, but elevated due to being on the pier, the total height of Steel Pier's wheel could be 220 feet.

The wheel in Atlantic City will have fully enclosed cabins, allowing it to attract visitors year round.  You can see some art for the wheel and expanded pier as part of this story.

The photo at the top is actually of the Flying Dutchman, one of Steel Pier's many new rides for 2013.  Several have already opened, such as the Loco Motion kiddie coaster, and others will come online soon.