Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bay Beach and the Pippin Reach A Million

© Bay Beach Amusement Park
Congratulations are in order for Bay Beach Amusement Park - this past weekend the Zippin Pippin carried its 1,000,000th rider!

The 'new' Zippin Pippin opened at the park in 2011 (full coverage from Scott & Carol) and became an instance success.  The number of riders in the first two years smashed expectations.  The park had hoped for 200k riders a year, and at the start of year three they broke a million.  You can do the math on that one!

Ashley Jolley of Illinois was the lucky one millionth rider, and was awarded a front seat ride with the Mayor along with a prize pack of goodies.

I'm happy the coaster has become such a success for Bay Beach Amusement Park and the city of Green Bay, maybe reincarnating Elvis' favorite coaster was good luck... or perhaps people just love a classic wooden coaster?  Either way it is great news!