Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Laser is For Sale... Again!

Quick, someone snatch up this wonderful roller coaster!  The former Laser at Dorney Park, recently operating in German fairs for several years, is now being listed again by its owners. 

When the ride was removed from Dorney Park it was totally refurbished, given brand new trains, and repainted a great blue and yellow color scheme.  The ride was created by Schwarzkopf, one of his Double Looping models.

I don't see any price listed, but I'm sure a lot of smaller parks could use a ride like this as a wonderful 'big' attraction.  Hopefully even if the ride does not sell it will still operate, it would be a shame to see it reach the end of its running life.


Unknown said...

Ride is for sale €2.750.000 or $3,599,750

Unknown said...

Dorney Park Should buy it back for 2015 season to make guest happy and bring back the history because I live near Dorney park and when I was younger I was scared of upside down roller coasters but I got over it by the time I went to Dorney Laser was gone :( I want them to bring it back so I can experience it :)