Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fun Spot America Holds Official Opening Bash

This past weekend saw a giant celebration as Orlando's Fun Spot America reveled in not only its 15th birthday, but also the grand opening of the massive expansion that has tripled the size of the park.

Embarked on last Fall, the park quickly went to work on expanding the property - overall an investment that is said to be upwards of $25 million.  They just released a great movie showing several time lapse videos of all the work being done.  Along with the work came a new name and theme, three new roller coasters, additional rides and attractions, renovated go-karts, and amenities such as expanded parking and new food and retail structures.

© Fun Spot America
One of the most anticipated attractions during the winter was White Lightning, a Great Coasters International wooden coaster that utilizes a steel support structure.  Now that the coaster is open it is receiving some amazing reviews, quickly becoming known for its intense speed and plentiful airtime.  The ride uses smaller length trains that allow it to navigate tight turns and more aggressive hills.

Fun Spot America also is now home to the second tallest Skycoaster, which started its life in Las Vegas at MGM Grand Adventures.  They also received a brand new Tilt-A-Whirl and Ripcurl, a quick spinning flat ride, along with a new kiddie coaster.  Several other attractions were moved and relocated to better take advantage of the park's new open midways.

A ride that was removed from Six Flags Over Georgia, known there as Wheelie, has also taken up residence in the expanded Fun Spot America.  Seen here on the left, it is now known as the Enterprise and has received a dramatic new lightning package.  It is wonderful to see a ride that otherwise may have met its maker refurbished and now open again to riders!

© Fun Spot America
The second large coaster added is named the Freedom Flyer, a Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster.  The layout of the ride allows it to swing over the new midways, allowing for a great deal of interaction with visitors below.  While a family ride by nature - and featuring some wonderful lap-bar restraints - Freedom Flyer appears to have a bit of a zip to it that still provides a nice thrill.

With all said and done Fun Spot America now has plenty to offer visitors, including some unique rides and attractions - White Lightning alone would be reason for me to visit!  And even better, the park has built in plenty of open spaces for future expansion.  Here's to much success for the park!