Monday, June 24, 2013

Scott And Carol Present - Wisconsin Dells Waterslide-athon At Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park

Ronald McDonald house Charities teamed with nearly 60 organizations in Wisconsin Dells along with the McDonald Owners and Operators of South Central Wisconsin to help raise funds for Ronald McDonald Charities, who operate the individual houses for families with children requiring medical care from specialists far from home. The Laskaris family, of Mt. Olympus, are shown here with the Tomaszewski family, who experienced help from the Ronald McDonald House first hand, and of course Ronald, whose hair was perfect.

Coupons were distributed offering special deals for admission to the 8th Annual Waterslide-athon in Wisconsin Dells. Ronald invited people to join both him and Nick for a bonding splash while at Mt. Olympus. This is the before picture... 

...and at the beginning of the downpour...If you look closely, you notice that none of the Laskaris ladies chose to participate. They were maybe concerned about their hair? 

...and the full effect of the tipping bucket at Mt. Olympus. Hundreds of gallons of water washed aways the cares of the families for just a little while when they could concentrate on just having some much needed fun, without thinking of their own families' issues.

Nick and Ronald figured we are already wet, let's go on a slide. Nick was very caught up in the moment, due to his family having experienced medical issues in the past, so during the announcement that they had raised $25,000, he decided that he didn't like odd numbers and pledged a personal contribution to increase the total to $30,000.

A great time was had by all the families and volunteers who traveled from all over Wisconsin to attend the event, and important funds were raised to help others in need. Interestingly, Ronald's hair looked no different before or after the water effects. Congratulations to all who participated.