Friday, June 21, 2013

Harry Goes to Japan: Wizarding World Update

© Moppy Lucky via YouTube
The Themeparx Construction Board has linked to a new video showing off construction of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan.

The facade of Hogwarts castle is starting to go up, and the images in the video quickly remind me of the months we all spent watching a similar structure go up in Florida a few years back.

Maybe it is because it is the end of a long work week, but I'm having trouble telling if the positioning of the building and facade are the same as in Florida.

© Google
There are other shots in the video that show the length of the building with the castle at the far end of it, which almost makes it seems like things were rotated a bit.  Not that it matters, but I was curious.  Universal Studios Japan has remained tight lipped about the exact attractions their Wizarding World will have, though the Forbidden Journey is a pretty obvious addition.

I keep staring at the tall building in the background of the video and thinking how perfect a vantage point it would be to take photos.  Hopefully someone will do exactly that, soon, then we can see what else is going up in the area!