Sunday, June 23, 2013

Six Flags Magic Mountain Pushes it Full Throttle

© Six Flags Magic Mountain
Visitors to Six Flags Magic Mountain are now able to experience the park's 18th roller coaster, Full Throttle, after premiering the ride this weekend.  The press opening of the coaster took place on Friday, and regular guests were able to take their first ride on Saturday.

With reviews already coming in, riders are praising the immense amount of hang-time that can be found at the top of the world record breaking 160 foot tall vertical loop. 

Full Throttle also features three launches which are capable of accelerating the train to 70 miles per hour.  An initial blast gets the train through the loop and down into a tunnel under the mountain.  A backwards launch sends the train halfway up a dive loop, then the train rockets forward and heads up and over the top of the vertical loop.  The final brakes start on the drop off the top of the loop, due to space constraints, but riders are reporting there is airtime to be found there, too.

© Six Flags Magic Mountain
The coaster, manufactured by Premier Rides, is located right at the front of the theme park, with its station in a "newly themed, immersive five-acre area that includes day and nighttime entertainment, two new food locations and a new shopping area."  The park utilized space formerly occupied by an original log flume to build Full Throttle, but the coaster also weaves over existing structures as well.

This gallery of photos by ThemeParkHD from the opening of the ride show off the fun that was had during the premier, and also gives off a look at the ride's new surroundings.  I think there's still a bit of work left to do, but the priority was getting the new coaster open to riders!

If you happen to live quite a distance from the park, much like myself, but are wondering what a ride on Full Throttle is like, check this out: