Saturday, June 29, 2013

Massive Star Wars Expansion for Disney's Hollywood Studios?

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The Orlando Business Journal ran a story about how the rumors of a Star Wars themed land possibly coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios might be much more than that.

According to the author, the addition of the Star Wars franchise, or I should say expansion of it since Star Tours has been there for some time now, could take place in multiple areas of the park.  The changes could include new attractions and rethemed existing rides, not necessarily in one 'land' but instead located throughout the park.

Not that the whole park would become dedicated solely to Star Wars, but spending a ton of money on adding and changing things that dramatically would certainly draw some attention.  Let's face it, some sort of plan needs to be in place to combat the next round of Potter coming to Universal next year.

If you start to think about the park's current lineup and what could be rethemed things get interesting.  I'll let your own imagination run with that, but the possibilities do seem large.  Just don't touch Tower of Terror!


Unknown said...

Or rock n roller coaster don't touch it