Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dorney Park Forced to Alter Summer Plans

Dorney Park's plan for nightly fireworks has fizzled.  Sadly.  The park had planned for the Summer Nights of Celebration to include longer hours, more fun, new shows, and a short fireworks display each night during the busy Summer season. 

Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be.  After the plan for the fireworks was announced the neighbors surrounding the park expressed concern over the noise the displays would generate, and the park was not granted permission to have them by the local commission.

Now the name of the event has been changed to the Dorney Park Summer Celebration, more of a daytime party I suppose.  The festivities will still include longer hours, however, without the fireworks draw you'll probably be able to get some serious rides in with short lines on those late nights!  The park will also debut All Wheel Sports later this month, and has other new live entertainment shows debuting as well.

Already open at the park this year is Chickie's and Pete's Sports Bar, a popular area restaurant.  The establishment already appears quite popular, with many folks enjoying the food and atmosphere.