Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gold Striker Ready for Riders!

© California's Great America
Sure, the test and adjust period may have lasted a few days longer than desired, but according to the word on the street Gold Striker at California's Great America is worth the wait!

The park was happy to announce that their new wooden roller coaster, a design from Great Coasters International and their first new coaster in over a decade, has opened to guests starting today.  A grand opening ceremony was held this morning, and soon after many had their first experience on the ride.

Promotional video from the park.

Gold Striker features a fully covered first drop from a lift height of 108 feet.  The unique first drop levels out and then plunges down further amid a swooping curve.  From there the trains blast past the ride's station and continue to make their way through the twisted layout, hitting a maximum speed of almost 54 miles per hour.

Riders will be pleased by the coaster's speed, tight turns, and banking - up to 80 degrees on the "midway curve" as the park calls it.  Congratulations to the park on their new ride, I can't wait to hear more reviews now that the public can take a spin!