Saturday, June 1, 2013

Busch Gardens Tampa Says Goodbye to a Longtime Ride

© Google Maps
You had better hurry if you are a fan of Sandstorm at Busch Gardens Tampa - today and tomorrow are the last days you'll ever be able to experience the ride in the Timbuktu section of the park.  It has been announced that the park will "bid farewell to a ride that has entertained guests for more than three decades" and close the flat ride for good.

Seen above, and added to Busch Gardens Tampa in 1979, the Sandstorm featured several arms which hold riders in cars.  Once the ride begins the spinning starts on multiple levels, from the individual arms to the entire ride.

The park recently sent out notice that they are "dropping BIG NEWS" on June 11th at an announcement at the park.  It seems fairly safe to say (especially from the use of images of being above the clouds in the teaser they sent out) that Sandstorm's replacement may be very tall.  Hang tight, it won't be long until all is clear!  But for now head out to the park and take a spin and say goodbye to Sandstorm.