Friday, June 28, 2013

Legoland Florida's New Island in the Sky!

With the World of Chima's grand opening just a week away, Legoland Florida has added the top section of the floating Mount Cavora.  A part of a tradition "topping out" ceremony, the America flag was placed on the top of the structure as it was hoisted into place.

The top of the floating mountain will stand 55 feet in height, making its presence well known over the new World of Chima themed area.  The structure is located in an island section of the Quest for CHI, the main attraction in the area.  The ride will be an interactive splash battle where guests can blast water at objects along the route as well as bystanders.

Legoland Florida released some fun facts about the mountain as well as part of today's ceremony. 

• The "rock" weighs 7,500 pounds, or more than a large SUV, and is 40 feet wide and 23 feet tall on its own.
• The support structure will pump 1,000 gallons of water per minute out of the faces carved into the rock and onto the ride path below. 
• The faces on the structure represent the animal tribes that are a part of the Legends of Chima storyline.

The World of Chima expansion represents a major investment in the park, and is also the first time that the brand is being used in a Lego theme park.  Visitors will find the Quest for CHI water ride, the Speedorz Arena, Cragger's Swamp play area, and can see a 4-D Chima movie when the land debuts.

The park has also released their new map which is now featuring the addition of the World of Chima.  I can't believe how much the park has expanded in such a short amount of time!

All photos © Legoland Florida + Chip Litherland Photography