Friday, June 7, 2013

Scott And Carol Present - The Boomerang at Six Flags St Louis


When Six Flags St Louis installed their new coaster, Boomerang they repurposed part of the bumper car building for the queue and were able to save the trees in the area to provide shade in the afternoon for their newest attraction, Boomerang.

If you stand across the midway from the exit you can visually interact with the coaster as it goes over your head, both forwards and backwards.

The catch car drags the train, from the rear, up the first incline. Once it reaches the top, it releases the train to start your journey.

Here is the newly reconditioned train as the top of the first incline. With everything restored to original specifications it's now providing very smooth rides.

This shot shows the train navigating through the first half of the cobra roll.

A fisheye view of the train traversing the loop

The colors of the of the track and train contrast beautifully with the bright blue Missouri sky.

This video is some awesome aerial shots provided by Six Flags St Louis.

This fisheye view makes the Boomerang's layout look like abstract art. It shows bends in the track that the designers would have never have envisioned.

Here Park President and General Manager Dave Roemer (on the right) enjoys a front seat ride on the newest roller coaster at Six Flags St Louis.

As you can tell, Dave is very happy with his new attraction. And who wouldn't be, since it is like a new roller coaster.

Joseph Carringer has been playing an Australian Aboriginal  didgeroo for over a decade, utilizing the ancient voices as harmonic therapy. He provided the soundtrack for the day, supplying background for several interviews and live shots.

Here is our first ride on Boomerang. We were accompanied by the US Boomerang Team and their families. A rolicking inverted time was had by all.

Many thanks to Joseph, Elizabeth, and Dave for providing a great opportunity to help open Boomerang.