Monday, November 7, 2011

Zamperla Expanding Coney Island Offerings in 2012

Zamperla is coming off another successful season of operating three different amusement sites in Coney Island, NY, but it looks like more is in store.

Technically I shouldn't say Zamperla, because Central Amusement International actually operates the parks - but that company was started by Zamperla so they're almost one in the same.  CAI first opened Luna Park in 2010, and this past season added the Scream Zone, and also took over operations of the famous Cyclone wooden roller coaster.

Even with all that development, there's still one area left that the city leases to CAI where more rides and attractions could be added.

In the aerial of the area seen above, the Cyclone coaster is on the far right.  The red box furthest to the right is Luna Park, and the smaller one in the middle is the newer Scream Zone area (which features two additional coasters, and two extreme thrill rides).  The red box on the left is the one that's now being focused on for next season.

And here's why we're interested in that final red box - CAI has recently proposed a plan to develop it, including posting the above image on the parks' Facebook, promising "many great things happening in 2012."  According to the excellent Coney Island blog Amusing the Zillion, CAI's plans include a possible multi-level go kart track, along with a water ride.

The article mentions that the flume at Luna Park may be moved over there in order to free up space for additional rides, which means other goodies may be in store.  Glancing over Zamperla's portfolio there's plenty of items they could bring to the park, including some crazy looking thrill rides.

Full details on the changes coming to the famous seaside area could be released as early as this month.