Monday, November 7, 2011

Aerial Antics: Furius Baco

What kind of ride involves a lot of mischievous monkeys, loads of grapes, and a crazy professor - all along with a 3.5 second, 84 mile per hour launch?  Why, none other than Furius Baco at PortAventura, a one of a kind launched Intamin accelerator coaster.

This ride has to have one of the most basic layouts of any coaster, but that's okay because Furius Baco is all about speed - not drops or loops (though there is one inversion), just good old speed.  In fact, the ride is so quick that from launch to brakes Furius Baco's ride is only around 29 seconds long.

It is also currently the only Intamin coaster to feature that specific style of wing rider trains, where the seats are not over the track.  Hersheypark's Skyrush will use somewhat similar trains next year, but with only two seats off the track, instead of all four like on Baco.

To check out Bing's aerials of the ride, and PortAventura in general, click here.


Unknown said...

thx for this amazing view :D