Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's New For Morey's in 2012?

A busy year looks to be in store for Morey's Piers in 2012, which will be featuring several new attractions, along with other changes and renovations.

As detailed by Jack Morey in the Beachfront Blog, the official Blog of the parks, new additions at the amusement piers and water parks are already being worked on.

A new mat racer slide, featuring 6 lanes, will be added to the Ocean Oasis Waterpark.  These slides have proved quite popular at other parks, and add great capacity to any operation.

Raging Waters will feature and expanded and themed lazy river experience next year, some concept art of which was shared.
© Morey's Piers 2011

I must say, this is an interesting theme choice for a seaside water park, but the contract between that setting and the 'woodsy' appearance of the art is kind of cool.

It's also mentioned that they've been working on the Great Nor'Easter again, trying to make it a smoother ride.  Hopefully their efforts pay off, we'll have to take a spin next Summer to find out!

Other surprises were revealed, including replacing a ride with the same ride, by the blog - check it out!