Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful For... New Park Additions!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Hopefully you have plenty to be thankful for on this day, I know I do.  In light of this blog however, let's be thankful for some recent park announcements!

Waldameer Park is advertising "plenty of new things" for next season, coming off of this year's large North End expansion which contained three new rides.

Next year the Happy Swing will take up residence in Kiddie Land, near the Ravine Flyer 3.  This kid-friendly ride has been popping up in many parks, namely the Planet Snoopy expansions seen this past summer at several Cedar Fair parks. 

Waldameer's relaxing train ride, the L. Ruth Express, will also welcome a second train in 2012 to reduce wait times and add capacity to the popular attraction.  For a sneak peak at the train, check out the park's recent blog post on it.

Dark Ride fans will also be happy to hear that the park's Wacky Shack will have a redesigned loading area that will provide better and faster loading, a big plus.  The park will also move to being cashless in 2012, using Wally Cards for transactions that take place inside the park.

Dixie Landing and Blue Bayou water park is known as the Land of the Giants, as they have a penchant for building only the biggest models of popular slides.

Next year will be no different when the park builds a brand new Aqua Loop water slide.  The park shared a photo of a 4 slide version on their Facebook, but mention the ride singularly on their website, so I'm not sure how large this instillation is. 

Either way, Aqua Loop slides have become quite popular as a high level water park thrill slide.  I have a feeling this will fit in rather well with the park's existing mega-slides.

Other enhancements will also take place, such as renovations to the park's existing lazy river and an updated Bathhouse.