Friday, November 25, 2011

More On Fun Spot's New Water Park

© Splashtacular / Fun Spot

One of the major manufacturers involved in Fun Spot's new water park has released some additional details about the development, which makes the new area sound even more exciting than before.  Splashtacular, a company that creates some unique slides and attractions, will provide most of the rides that will go in the new area.

According to Splashtacular, "our best work comes from collaboration with specialists who are the best in the industry, which is the reason Water Technology, Inc., the premier design group in the water park industry, was selected by John Arie to create a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art, signature water park, that satisfies their financial and demographic objectives."

A more detailed layout of the park (seen at the top of this story) that was released reveals some of the unique slides going in - in fact none of them will be duplicated in the park's market.  Directly above we see a Double BowlsEye, which features two separate tube slides that empty into the same bowl.

Another attraction slated to be built is the 360Rush.  This towering slide consists of two different body slides that release riders simultaneously.  Each rider plummets downward and then into a large bowl where they "chase" each other as they spin.  Both riders eventually come to a stop in a shallow center pool.

The racing theme continues with SplashRally, a four lane slide that puts passengers in a race to the finish line.  There will also be a large water play structure, lazy river and more when Fun Spot's water park opens. 

These attractions should prove unique to their market, and draw some attention for the park.  Add to this the new pair of roller coasters and other rides, and the future certainly looks bright for Fun Spot!


Dave said...

Boy that seems dangerous. You can fall off a slide anytime and to have someone going in the same slide at the same time seems dangerous. that is why they dispatch one at a time.