Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stinger Almost Complete at Dorney Park

A week of nice weather can make quite a difference for construction crews working on a big project like the construction of Stinger at Dorney Park.  This past week saw the completion of the coaster's vertical loop.

Additional pieces of track were also hung on the first large lift support this past week, in anticipation of finishing things up with the tallest section of the ride.  Stinger's total height will be roughly twice as tall as the part of the lifts that are standing now.

And speaking of those pieces, they are patently waiting for their turn in the overflow parking lot.  I think it looks like the park may need a larger crane to finish up the life towers.

Down closer to the ride provides a different view of the coaster, again with Steel Force nicely framing the background.  With Stinger soon to be completed, and well before 2012 has even begun, this is going to be a long winter of waiting!