Friday, November 18, 2011

Scott And Carol Present - Day Two At IAAPA

Now that we can breathe, here is how all of Orlando, or at least the people who drove by the convention center, knew the show was in town.

Here is a view of part of the show floor from one of the upstairs offices.

This map shows the locations of the companies registered for IAAPA 2011. Who knew this many states would be represented?

Here is the new train for the S & S El Loco. It was redesigned for more capacity for larger parks. It even includes a sound system, because for some thrillseekers, the natural roar of a coaster isn't enough. This is Green Lantern car is headed to Warner Brothers Movie World in Gold Coast Queensland, Australia, the coaster is scheduled to open in December of this year.

The extent of the theming will only be legible from the station, because it will be difficult to read as the car goes upside down.

All in favor of bringing on of these coasters to North America raise both your hands!

Here is a scale down version of the new track from Rocky Mountain Coasters.

And this was the coolest conference table at the whole show. We suggested that they consider offering these to those of us in the north who can't stay "on track" all year long.

Here is the end-on view of the track. They won the award for the "Best New Product for Major Theme and Amusement Park Ride. Congratulations.

This is something completely different, the coating on the inside of the light lets you look at it in the dark without being blinded. Soon to be in a night construction zone near you. It would also be useful for park maintenance workers who do much of their work at night.

The fire marshal looked long and hard at this booth. Just another example of the wide variety of things parks use to entertain us.

This is the latest idea from the creative mind of Stan Checketts. It takes one operator and the restraints a radio controlled for safety. Double seat belt allow for almost anyone to try a zipline.

Since nothing simulates a relationship like flying downhill together, you can ride with your significant other and find out who screams first.

How about a family ride? The smaller set can go for a spin with mom or dad for their first "thrill ride."

Coming to a park or other attraction near you, henna tattoos are so passe.

A peel off stencil, sprinkle on your favorite colors, some time to dry.

Voila, Carol's first tattoo.

This was as close as we got to the latest design from Bolliger and Mabillard. Scott lost a bet on this one.

We tried this game but we stunk at it, so good bye from IAAPA 2011. From all the reports we heard on the floor, we should have some exciting things to talk about in 2012 when the rest of the announcements come through. A big thanks to all the companies who answered our questions.