Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fun Spot Action Park - 2 New Coasters and a Water Park!

Earlier this year we heard about some plans for Fun Spot Action Park, located in Orlando, to expand to three times its current size.  No definite plans were set at that point, but the expansion sounded quite aggressive.

Using the new 10 acres of land purchased, Fun Spot is now ready to unveil plans for their expansion, which happens to include not one but two new roller coasters, more rides and attractions, and even a water park for visitors!

The newly expanded park will be known as Fun Spot America, and will keep the same pay as you go system that is currently in place, sans the water park which will be general admission.

Please excuse the quality of this screen grab, it's from a news piece on the expansion, and it shows the park's two new roller coasters.  Well, sorta shows them.  It's a bit too blurry to make out much but the wooden coaster looks larger than I would have expected, having a classic out and back layout.  The steel coaster is near it, but I simply can't make out much about it.  No way to tell right now if this is a final concept, or something more blue sky in nature.

Hopefully more details will be announced by the park soon, which is still depending on approval from the city for their plans.  If all goes well the new area could open in 2013.


Chris said...

Considering John Arie's (Owner & President of Fun Spot) preference to buy and relocate attractions instead of buying new, I wouldn't be surprised if that is the Dania Beach Hurricane.

Rian said...

I assume the out and back is the Starliner that's been bouncing around Florida.

Kevin said...

The steel coaster looks like it's a clone of the typical Gerstlauer Spinner, which would actually be a great addition to a family park like this.