Monday, November 28, 2011

A New Era For Jazzland?

You can refer to it as Jazzland or Six Flags New Orleans, but the story remains the same - this has been one troubled theme park.  First opened in 2000 under the moniker Jazzland, the property struggled along for two seasons, after which Six Flags came in and took over the park's lease.

From there a few years of moderate expansion followed, but still without the return that Six Flags was looking for.  2005 saw the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, which shuttered the park for good. 

Several plans to revive the park have surfaced since, one plan even went as far as announcing that it would reopen with Nickelodeon theming - but nothing has panned out.  Just recently it was reported that different uses for the park were being considered, and that eight proposals had been submitted.  The uses for the land ranged from theme park all the way to energy production, but one group that submitted a plan has now launched a website.

Enter The Paidia Company, and their plan to resurrect the park.  First and foremost, their plan calls for the much-needed-but-never-built water park to go in next to the theme park:

I know it's just a plan - but there's some cool looking slides in the mix.  I see a set of dual water coasters, aqua loops, bowl slides, two wave pools, a large lazy river, family raft rides, extended mat racer, and more. 

As for the them park, plenty of changes would occur as well.  The park's headlining coaster, MegaZeph, would be refurbished by the Gravity Group, including new trains with audio.  A large new river rapids ride would be constructed in a newly themed Sportsman's Paradise area, and The Beach section would feature a drop tower ride disguised as a famous lighthouse.

One of the tamest, but most intriguing attractions would be the Sea of Love, a recreated Tunnel of Love ride - something we haven't seen built in ages.  The Jester coaster will remain, and a new junior model will be added to interact with the river rapids.

1 - Theme Park   2 - Water Park   3 - Film Backlot

There's plenty of details available of Paidia's website for their plan, if you look around.  Their plan also includes using extra land for a film studio backlot, and interesting choice. 

About half of the eight proposals being considered involve a theme park, so there's plenty of other options out there.  Plus, there's no talk of where funding for this (and the other) proposals is coming from, which would make anyone nervous.

Even if the park never opens again as anything at all, it's pretty fun to see what others have cooked up in their dreams.