Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Clementon Park Sold To Burke & Story Team

After announcing some time ago that they were shopping both Clementon Park and Alabama Adventure, Adrenalin Family Entertainment has sold the former to ex-Six Flags executive team Gary Story and Kieran Burke.

While no details of the transaction were released, the purchase of Clementon Park comes after AFE spent several years expanding and modernizing the park.  Recent additions to both the water and amusement parks have helped to keep the park relevant in the crowded New Jersey marketplace - exactly one of the reasons why Burke and Story were interested.

This past summer Clementon added Torpedo Rush, a pair of floor-dropping speed slides, and before that the Ring of Fire flat ride.  The park's entrance had been updated, and a large family water play structure was added as well.

The park's new owners are promising some new goodies for 2012, but are not ready to announce anything quite yet.  Two of the park's top management individuals will be retained to transition the park into its new ownership.

Kieran and Burke have recently purchased both Ocean Breeze and Nashville Shores water parks, and currently operate Frontier City.