Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Manta Milestone: Track is in Place!

Sea World San Diego has reached a major milestone of the park's 2012 construction - the first piece of track for Manta has been set into place.  The section is the first of 98 total sections that will make up the new double-launch roller coaster.

The 98 track pieces will be set on top of 100 support columns, the tallest of which is more than 26 feet.  The longest section of track measures 36 feet and the heaviest is 7,700 pounds.  Manta will feature a total of 2,835 feet of track when completed.

"Gliding, flying and diving through more than a dozen twists and turns, riders will feel as if they are a ray, taking flight from sky to sea — so close at times that the Manta’s wings skim the waves.  Riders and non-riders alike will enjoy the graceful beauty of more than 60 California bat rays, which will be seen through a glass window and can be touched in a shallow lagoon area.  The exhibit will also feature diamond rays, guitar fish and more than 1,000 fish native to the California coast."

Manta will utilize two LSM launch section to send the trains up to 43 mph.  A 48 inch height requirement will make the ride a hit with the entire family when the ride opens in 2012 at Sea World San Diego.