Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Snowy Stinger Halloween Photos

The day before Halloween was a beautiful one, with sunny clear skies.  Sadly, the day before left our area with almost a foot of snow, causing Dorney to close on its last two days of the 2011 season.  The photo above says it all.

At least now that it's 3 days later I've got electricity again so I can share these photos with you all!

As of this past weekend Stinger's cobra roll had be completed, and work was focused on the vertical loop when things stopped for the weekend.

This wide angle view shows all of the ride that was up at that point.  You can see that supports were up for the vertical loop - looking at the ride's webcam today it appears as though the loop is now completed.

If nothing else, cobra rolls are always visually impressive!

Here's a very curious sign located at the lower entrance to the park.  First, there's a dinosaur - although we already know the park is adding a Dinosaurs Alive attraction, they haven't announced it much outside of the planning meetings.

Second - why is there a photo of an Invertigo ride that's got the wrong colors?  Also, why are the colors ones not found on either of the chain's Invertigo rides?  Since no Invertigo has ever had those colors (Two Face was close, but not the same) it's clearly edited, but why into those colors!  Does the park hate the blue track and plan to repaint it?  Am I reading too much into a simple season pass sales sign? 

Either way, it's interesting.


Chris said...

The coaster was yellow and blue when it was in California. That is simply a picture of the ride when it was at Great America.

NewsPlusNotes said...

I thought it looked pretty orange to me, but I can see what you mean.