Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Speed Zone Opening At Coney Island

If plunging 110 feet toward the ground at 60 miles per hour in a beautiful seaside setting sounds like fun to you, then you'll want to check out Coney Island next summer.  In addition to the already existing - and thrilling - Luna Park and the Scream Zone, Summer 2012 will see the opening of the Speed Zone.

Shown as Parcel C in the above map of the area, Speed Zone will be the third and final area to be developed by the CAI, the amusement park managing arm of Zamperla rides.  The main attraction of area will be go-karts, making the speed in the park's name quite literal.  A longtime staple of Coney Island, go-kart have been missing from the area for several years.

The other attraction in Speed Zone that will gather much attention is a new 110 foot tall SkyCoaster, a thrilling ride that combines sky diving and bungee jumping, already popular at a slew of parks around the globe.  From the look of the area's layout, riders will be potentially swinging out directly over the boardwalk - that'll make for quite a spectator sport of its own!