Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stinger At Dorney Park Complete!

This is quite the off-season for New For 2012 coasters being finished before the year's even started - joining the club now is Stinger at Dorney Park.  During the past work week the final lifts were completed, marking the end of track and support construction.

If I am correct, this is also the earliest that a new coaster has been completed at the park - very much in line with the way that Cedar Fair builds coasters in recent years.  What used to be a Fall into Winter project, building coasters now seems to start as early as the Spring before the year of debut, leaving plenty of time for testing.

Here's the completed ride in all its glory.  While I enjoyed Invertigo's yellow and blue color scheme, I have to admit that I've grown quite fond on Stinger's palette.

The bottom of Dorney Park has once again had its skyline dramatically changed.  Stinger's location actually helps frame the park nicely, since it's quite a bit taller than Laser was.  Speaking of, the above shot makes for a natural comparison to this:

Funny how times change, eh?

But back to Singer - the ride has had a nice looking station built for it, something it did not have when it resided in California.  Anyone want to guess what color the roof will be?

Here's a great example of the ride changing the park's skyline!

Finally, since we can't get in the park to check out the progress, a grab from the park's webcam. You can see how the station floor is poured, and plenty of walkways are already in.  They're really racing with this one, getting just about everything done before winter hits.