Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Seabreeze Announces New Racing Slides for 2012

Folks living in the greater Rochester, NY area will have a new way to have a racing good time next year when Seabreeze Amusement Park opens their new multi-lane racing water slides.

Designed for the park by Proslide, the as yet unnamed attraction will replace the park's aging Bermuda Triangle body flumes.  Guests, who will lay face first on a mat as they travel, will pass through a giant helix before passing into a steep drop, then race toward the finish line.

The helix portion at the top of the slides will actually be translucent, allowing those on the ground to see riders as they move.  The slides stand an impressive 53 feet tall, and contain 361 feet of slide.  The four lanes used will help the hourly capacity of the attraction to potentially top 500 riders.

Seabreeze will also be investing in their water park for next year with additional amenities for guests to enjoy.  Lounging areas throughout the park will be expanded, landscaping and music will be added as well.