Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dinosaurs Alive Coming to Canada's Wonderland

Next season visitors to Canada's Wonderland will be able to check out a brand new 306 foot tall coaster, but also travel back to between 245 and 65 million years in the past with the addition of Dinosaurs Alive!

The up-charge attraction will feature five main scenes as guests travel along the wooded pathways, and will include 40 life sized animatronic dinosaurs.

According to Canada's Wonderland, "Several dinosaurs will feature interactive consoles allowing guests to guide dinosaur movement; mimicking what scientists believe to be the way they moved their arms, tails, mouths and eyes. There will also be a kid’s paleontological dig site where guests will be encouraged to help uncover the skeleton of a large predator that will lay buried in the sand."

A map of the new area released by the park showcases the five main scenes and location of all the dinosaurs.  The experience will finish with an exciting T-Rex attack scene, featuring a Triceratops being chased by both adult and junior Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs Alive! will cater to both regular park patrons, as well as education groups and birthday parties when it opens at Canada's Wonderland next year.