Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wild Eagle Complete - Plus New Animations

There is plenty of excitement surrounding Dollywood's Wild Eagle, and with the recent completion of the ride's track the coaster is now one step closer to opening.  Last week the final piece of the 3,127 foot long ride was installed, a part leading to the final brake run:

Not only is the completion of the ride exciting, but the park has also released two animations of the coaster experience, something we've all been waiting for!

Gives a nice perspective of Wild Eagle, including its four inversions and the uniquely themed trains. Speaking of those, the park is expecting them to arrive from Europe soon, and although the animation shows them off rather well I'm excited for photos of the real deal.

A point-of-view animation has also been released, so if you'd like to take a spin on Wild Eagle now, go right ahead:

Be sure to stay updated with Wild Eagle's official website, which features plenty of videos and photos of the ride.