Tuesday, November 15, 2011

'Chiller, Get Your Chiller Here!'


One of my favorite defunct coasters is back on the market - Six Flags Great Adventure's former Batman and Robin: The Chiller.

The ride features two different coasters side-by-side, each launching into separate inversions (Batman an inverted top hat, Robin a cobra roll), followed by heartline twists (later replaced by non-inverting hills), then another boosted launch up a 200 ft. tall hill.  Really, a rather unique pair of rides.

Sadly, they were plagued by ever evolving problems from day one - which was a year late in 1998 by the way - and finally were closed for good in 2007.  The rides were removed, and apparently sold though they're still sitting in a field near the park.  I think the coasters have been shopped around since, but with no takers.

Now it looks like whoever owns the ride has listed it through ITAL, with the hopes of a park somewhere getting it out of that field and up and running.

I'm not privy to exactly what the ride's problems were - structural, relating to the trains, or the launches, but perhaps enough time has passed that a park could get it reliably running (or more importantly, affordably running).

Or, perhaps it'll continue to sit in that field.  Either way, if you want to learn more of the ride, check out Great Adventure History's super-detailed story on it.