Friday, November 4, 2011

Magic Mountain's Log Jammer Fades to Black

A staple attraction of Six Flags Magic Mountain since the park's opening, the Log Jammer flume ride has closed and will soon be removed from the theme park.  Log Flume fans rejoice, the park still has a second one operating.

It's always sad to see another classic log flume at a major theme park close, but many of these rides are past their prime and take up a lot of real estate.  Both attributes could be said of Log Jammer at Magic Mountain, where the Log ride filled a sizable area not far from the main gates.  It utilized the park's hilly terrain to its advantage, climbing the hill for a tree-top tour only to splash down into a large final lake.

In an article about the closing of the attraction, Six Flags Magic Mountain says that they already have plans cooked up for the area, and that we'll be hearing about them sometime in 2012. 


Austin said...

wow that sucks im sad to see a classic ride like that be removed but im also excited to find out what's coming in 2012!