Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekly Rewind 9.11.10

Cedar Fair is reporting increased revenues and attendance year to date through September 5th, good news for the company indeed. The chain's Southern parks - which featured new coasters this year - posted especially good results. Read the full release from Cedar Fair.

The photos of the New Texas Giant that have been posted to Six Flags Over Texas' Facebook make me drool. This ride is going to be one insane air-time machine. Track is starting to go up for the overbanked turns, another amazing aspect of the ride.

This fall, Silver Dollar City welcomes the season with the granddaddy of all its festivals, the one that has made Silver Dollar City what it is today: The National Harvest Festival, Sept. 11 – Oct 30. Said to represent the heart and soul of the park, this event has been showcased nearly as long as the park has been in existence. Today, the two-month event is a cornucopia of American crafts and demonstrating craftsmanship - celebrating the handwork, the foods, the music and the long-established camaraderie of the harvest. Click here to read more about the festival!

Six Flags has also announced two more executive changes - this time new individuals have been appointed as the company's new Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel. Both replacements are coming from Siemens Heathcare Diagnostics, where the new CEO is also from.

Six Flags Great Adventure's Musik Express is now listed for sale on ITAL. The ride has been closed for a few years, since a large part of the park was blocked off. Does this mean they might be planning on a redevelopment soon?

The stadium debate rages on, or I suppose I should say the development of the stadium continues. The new 49ers stadium set to be built in the parking lot of California's Great America was seeking zoning changes needed for the project this week. Cedar Fair has sued over the project, but all's quiet on the that issue for the time being, it seems.

Conneaut Lake Park has decided to open the Blue Streak for additional operating days this year for special events being held at the park. Oktoberfest and Halloween activities mean crowds will descend on the park, and it's smart of them to keep the coaster open to earn extra revenue. The schedule is on the park's website, I'd check that before going.

The first footers for the new Zippin Pippin at Bay Beach have been poured, according to this set of photos on the website for the ride. Exciting news indeed, that fans will be able to ride Elvis' favorite coaster again next summer!

I think this is the 3rd or 4th year that I can report that Wild Rivers water park, located in Irvine, CA, will live to see another season. The park's lease expired in 2007, but has been granted a stay of execution each year since then. Owners plan on sprucing up the property for next year, but not adding any attractions.

The Magic Eye Blog has quite a photo update from Disney California Adventure this week showing a world of work walls that have gone up. Now that the peak Summer season has passed, many projects are kicking into high gear. The Farm section of the park is totally walled off, along with several new sections of Paradise Pier. It's all for the better, though.