Friday, September 3, 2010

The Blue Streak Rides Again

After sitting dormant since the end of the 2006 season, Conneaut Lake Park's Blue Streak has reopened and is once again thrilling passengers. After working to restore the coaster during the summer months, the ride reopened to the public on Thursday afternoon. ACE members, local media, and park supporters had the first ride, according to the Meadville Tribune.

Conneaut Lake Park has raised around $20,000 so far toward fully restoring the Blue Streak, including a $10,000 gift from ACE. Once the paperwork and review is completed the park will receive an additional $50,000 from the Pepsi Refresh Project.

The coaster will operate through Monday after which Conneaut Lake Park will be finished with their 2010 season. Rides are $3 each and are not included in the general ride admission wrist band.

There's a gallery of the coaster's reopening day on Flickr which includes some nice shots. Looks like a trip to Western PA is in order for next year!