Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Tower of Terror II Opens

Australia's Dreamworld has reopened the Tower of Terror thrill attraction, but now it's technically the Tower of Terror II. The ride underwent a refurbishment and is now operating with the cars launching and traveling up the tower backwards. This means that riders are now face first as they hang briefly well over 300 ft. above the ground.

The ride originally opened in 1997 and was noted as the first coaster to reach 100 miles per hour. The recent upgrade and conversion is of importance to Six Flags Magic Mountain fans, where it is highly rumored that Superman will feature similar upgrades. That ride is currently closed with signs in front of it promising a reopening in 2011.

The new cars feature over-the-shoulder restraints, but with the new cars it is possible that the full speed launch could return to Superman, something I'm sure fans would absolutely love to see.