Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Luna Park Enjoys Successful First Year

Business has been quite good during Luna Park's inaugural year, according to new reports. The park, which opened Memorial Day weekend, has already seen 400,000 visitors this summer.

Coney Island in general has seen increased business all around, with an estimated 14 million people visiting the beach and boardwalk this year. Much of that is attributed to the reopening of an full-fledged amusement park along the beach.

To continue the summer season's success, Luna Park will feature Nights of Horror at Luna Park starting on October 15th. The park will add a fifteen hundred square foot haunted house and the entire park will feature spooky music, ghouls, and lightning. The event will run weekends through Halloween.

The park is set to expand next year with the addition of the Scream Zone, an area filled with new rides and attractions. While specific rides to be added haven't been announced yet, two large coasters could be planned for the site.