Thursday, September 16, 2010

Six Flags Great Adventure Welcomes The Green Lantern In 2011

Six Flags Great Adventure has announced the addition of a towering new roller coaster for 2011, named Green Lantern. Themed after the DC Comic Hero of the same name, the new stand-up roller coaster will tower 15 stories above the park's Boardwalk section.

Painted in a vibrant green color scheme, the Green Lantern will be exactly 154 ft. tall and reach 63 miles per hour. Its track will extend three quarters of a mile and feature 5 inversions, including a 121 ft. vertical loop.

With the addition of the Green Lantern, Six Flags Great Adventure will be home to five different B&M designed coasters, a new record. Park President John Fitzgerald says that "Six Flags is home to many of the biggest roller coasters in the world and Green Lantern bring an all new dimension of thrill. Green Lantern is guaranteed to deliver a smooth, white-knuckled adventure - but this time standing up while upside down."

The coaster itself will be relocated from the former Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, where it was known as Chang. Green Lantern is expected to open in Spring 2011. For more information and a video, check out the ride's official website.