Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Six Flags Over Texas Unveils New Texas Giant Logo

Six Flags Over Texas has unveiled the new logo for the Texas Giant - currently under heavy renovation and set to reopen in 2011. The ride will have a unique hybrid design, featuring wooden supports with the world's first steel Iron Horse Coaster Track.

The ride's renovation is currently 40% complete, with a significant portion of the new track in place. When finished the new Texas Giant will feature the steepest drop in the world on a coaster of its kind at 79 degrees, and feature banking in excess of 95 degrees.

The new logo has been designed to reflect the ride's new hybrid status, through which its "bold and unique features" are conveyed. Six Flags Over Texas has also launched a new time lapse camera that shows how the renovation is progressing. Check that out at the official park website.

I still cannot get over some of those shots of the ride's first drop! That's going to be simply amazing.