Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Six Flags Over Georgia 2011: Dare Devil Dive

Well I certainly did not have to wait long to find out what Six Flags Over Georgia was teasing fans about on their Facebook page, now did I? The park announced the addition of a major new roller coaster today, aptly named Dare Devil Dive.

The ride will be the third Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter coaster in the United States, following Mystery Mine and Rock Bottom Plunge at Dollywood and Nickelodeon Universe, respectively. Dare Devil Dive will feature a vertical lift that will take riders almost 100 ft. in the air.

At the top of the hill the trains will pause briefly before their descent, adding to the thrill. The first drop will be actually be steeper than vertical, and the individual cars will hit 52 m.p.h. on the way down. The rest of the 2,099 ft. of red track atop yellow supports will feature three inversions and plenty of twists and turns.

From the small concept art posted on the webpage for the ride it appears as though Dare Devil Dive will feature a custom layout. It's hard to tell exactly what maneuvers will be included; perhaps some better resolution art will be released soon.

The ride's announcement came as a great surprise to me, and I'm quite please that Six Flags is building a Euro-Fighter. These rides have gained popularity in Europe, but have been slow to catch on in the U.S. Looks like that's about to change!