Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Amusing Ads Archive - Premier Liquid Coaster

On the books it seemed like a really great idea, take the thrills of a roller coaster and combine them with the relaxing enjoyment provided by the venerable log flume. Mix in some some engineering and poof! The Premier Rides Liquid Coaster.

It debuted at Silver Dollar City in 1999 as Buzzsaw Falls, and the second Liquid Coaster opened two years later in Finland at Linnanmaki. Those were the one two Liquid Coasters ever built.

The attraction was to be the best of two worlds but I suppose they never really connected properly. I did not experience Buzzsaw Falls so I'm not sure why it wasn't a hit for the park. Silver Dollar City transformed the attraction into the Powder Keg launched coaster in 2005, removing all traces of the water flume aspect.

To my knowledge Vonkaputous is still operating.


KCK Haunt said...

I believe Silver Dollar City gave it the ax because of constant mechanical problems... Park employees often called it "Buzz Saw Falls Apart"

Ron Toomer Fan said...

Buzz Saw Falls was extremely popular. But as mentioned, it had a good amount of downtime, had poor hourly capacity, and couldn't operate during cooler months of the season.