Friday, September 3, 2010

August 2010 NPN Poll Results

I do believe that we had a record number of votes in last month's NPN poll - 704 - you guys must feel passionately about your favorite Custom Designed U.S. B&M Inverted Coaster!

Which is, by the way, Raptor at Cedar Point. The bird of prey swooped in with a quarter of the total votes, 176 to be exact. The ride opened in 1994 as the 5th B&M Inverted in the country, and you guys still rank it as number one as it ends its 17th operating season.

Here's the full breakdown of the busy poll:
Alpengeist and Montu, both created by Busch Entertainment, fought hard for the second spot, with Alpengeist taking it when all was said and done. Also of note is Carowinds' Afterburn in 4th place since the ride is often one of the most underrated of the inverted set. Nice to see it rank so highly!

From 5th place on down the total percent of votes drops drastically - it's clear that the top 4 rides are favorites among many of you.

Since this month's poll was a hit, let's ride that wave into September and see if you guys feel as passionately about B&M Mega Coasters! Vote on the left!


Bryan said...

I've been on Raptor and nothing to write home about. I think just a bunch of CP fanboys voted this one, because if it's in CP then it HAS to be the best.

NewsPlusNotes said...

Well, our polls are certainly not scientific in any way, so I'm sure that the "fan" factor plays a role pretty consistently. If you look at the results of last year's Best Coaster Poll the rides ended up like this:

#18 Montu
#32 Dueling Fire
#35 Afterburn
#40 Dueling Ice
#48 Raptor
#54 Alpengeist
#61 Batmans
#66 Talon
#70 Flight Deck
#95 Patriot
#104 Great Bear
#109 Silver Bullet

Pretty different results!

Unknown said...

I've been on all of these with the exception of Afterburn and Patriot. Raptor is one of the larger inverts, but it isn't particularly forceful or memorable. I think it won solely based on its CP location.

Personally I feel Montu and Alpengeist are the stand-outs among this crowded field. Dorney's Talon is under rated, a nice surprise.