Friday, September 24, 2010

Canobie Lake Park Planning A Euro-Fighter

Canobie Lake Park is planning a new coaster, a Euro-Fighter style ride from Gerstlauer.  According to this article, the park says the ride is still in planning stages, but they are however ready to apply for planning permission to construct it.

The ride will be located along the Canobie Mall, in a previously undeveloped area.  The ride will stand around 75 ft. tall, which is just under the 80 ft. limit the city has, and feature Euro-Fighter's trademark beyond-vertical first drop.  The ride is expected to be one of the more compact models that the company has, but even the smaller ones still pack quite a punch.

It's not totally clear from the article if the ride is planned for 2011, though it does sound like it.  I'm quite pleased to see yet another of these rides coming to the U.S.