Thursday, September 16, 2010

SkyScreamer Soars Into Six Flags St. Louis In 2011

Six Flags St. Louis promised a towering thrill ride next year, and boy oh boy did they deliver. SkyScreamer will debut in 2011, standing some 236 feet tall. The ride is a Funtime Star Flyer, basically your traditional amusement parks swings but taken to the extreme. (a similar ride is pictured above)

The ride will hold guests in pairs on seats extended from the ride's tower on chains. Once the ride starts spinning and heading for the sky you'll eventually be moving in a 98 ft. wide circle at 43 miles per hour - over 200 ft. above the ground.

The new ride, which will be the tallest at Six Flags St. Louis, will be located in the Illinois section near the Screamin' Eagle coaster. The SkyScreaming is set to begin in Spring 2011.


Nick said...

It seems that Six Flags is just a bit jealous of Cedar Fair's WindSeekers... :)